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Dear NBI Management, our customer Mr/Ms.
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and with email address
is requesting an installment to buy the following item/s,
Kindly support him to finalize this request.
Product Name
Size / Storage
Terms and Information
1. The Client has be from the segments below and his salary localized at the National Bank of Iraq
2. The minimum loan value is 1 million and the maximum is 3 million
3. The monthly interest is 1%
4. The payment period starts from 1 year to 2 years
5. The Client should deposit 25,000 IQD in advance (Bank inquiry fees and stamp fee commission)
6. The Client has to visit the store to get the form or he can fill and download it from Master Store website
7. The Client needs to take the form and go to the Bank
8. The Bank will study the request and he is free to accept or reject it
9. This offer is valid for 3 days from the date issue
Eligible Clients
• Public sector localization clients
• Private sector emiratisation clients who are approved to obtain banking facilities
• National Bank of Iraq employees
• Elite clients of National Bank of Iraq
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